As the son of two card-carrying union parents, I’ve been instilled with the values of collective bargaining and labor protections, from an early age. Having been a part TNG-CWA Local 37002 and now currently as a member Education Minnesota, all of the benefits I’ve received have come from decades of men and women fighting for these rights and I believe it’s important to honor that.

  • Without my father’s union-negotiated insurance, I would not have been able to afford a high quality plan of my own. This story is true for many other families as well. For the families who are not able to receive affordable employer-sponsored plans, I support the expansion of a public healthcare option, similar to MinnesotaCare, with fair premiums as well as legislation lowering prescription drug costs.

  • Moorhead stands to benefit greatly from a large, comprehensive bonding bill to fund projects that Moorhead desperately needs. We must continue the work that Rep. Lien and Sen. Eken have done with our underpass projects. I believe that the Moorhead community center project could be one of the most beneficial projects for our city both economically and socially. Having advocated strongly to secure appropriations for the Weld Hall renovations and other HEAPR funds, I understand how important these bonding projects are. I believe it’s important to have a healthy, large bonding bill that support job creation.

  • An issue facing many growing and future families is paid family and medical leave. We must guarantee that all new parents, be that of a child of birth or adoption, can receive paid family leave.

  • A large percent of our workforce is aging and it is imperative we prepare for this. We must invest in care facilities, our homecare professionals, and medical care they will need. This requires us to provide proper support to those who care for our most vulnerable populations and compensate them fairly.

  • Moorhead’s New American community is vibrant and ever-growing. The dedication that New Americans have shown to this community is exceptional and we should treat them with as much respect as they have given us. It is important that we protect our New American workers from exploitation and provide a path to jobs with fairness and dignity.

Will Hagen for State House


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