Thank you.

I would like to thank my supporters and everyone who has been a part of this campaign. We started this campaign 3 months ago with a clear vision for bringing the next generation of politics to St. Paul. Throughout this campaign, I’ve had the honor of connecting with some truly remarkable people in our district and through the state. Our politics is one that brings people into the political process that might otherwise go unnoticed or ignored. We had clear goals and vision that drove this campaign. We must support our public education system pre-k through 12 as well as to fully fund and support our public colleges and universities. This means investing in our students and our teachers. We must protect workers' rights and work to create a stronger middle class. No one should work a full-time job and not make ends meet. We must address the climate crisis in a way that benefits everyone. Investing in technologies, practices, and policies that create a green economy will bring us into the 21st century and address the existential threat of climate change. This is the vision we share. 

Unfortunately, based on the results of the DFL endorsement process, we did not win the day. Thank you to the other candidates and congratulations to the winner. Today I am announcing that I will be suspending my campaign. This is a difficult decision but one that is done for the betterment of our party and our district. We must have unity going into November to stand up for the policies and issues that matter most to Minnesotans. 

But this isn’t the end. It’s the beginning of a large movement, a shift in our politics away from the divisive rancor we’ve seen all too often and towards a politics based on bringing people together and lifting up our voices. While we may not have won the day, the fight isn’t over. I will continue to work to promote our vision in any capacity I can, and so should you. Keep mobilizing and fighting for what you believe in. Together we will move Minnesota forward.

I want to say thank you to my friends, family, supporters, my campaign team, and my campaign manager Jack Fischer. Without all of you, none of this would have been possible. 


Will Hagen

Will Hagen for State House


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