The climate crisis is real and must be addressed immediately. Minnesota is positioned to be a leader in the creation of a green economy that we will benefit from fiscally and environmentally. This issue presents an opportunity for the creation of good jobs in many different sectors. I have been a defender of Minnesota’s environment, specifically through my work with Clean Water Action in protecting our most valuable resource—water.

  • The energy sector is one area that Moorhead has shown true promise in. We can lead the way by pursuing the goal of 100% clean energy by 2050. This goal is achievable, but it will require vision and innovation to accomplish. Minnesota’s shift to renewable resources has resulted in the state keeping billions of energy dollars within the state. Greater Minnesota sees considerable benefits from the renewable energy industry, and I am committed to supporting programs and initiatives that expand the industry in our district.

  • The infrastructure of Moorhead has been an urgent concern in recent years. When evaluating the needs of our district, we must consider the effects of different types of infrastructure and projects. We should invest in bonding projects that will benefit Moorhead in the long-term. The All Aboard Minnesota project is a great example of a project for Moorhead that has potential in creating safe, efficient, and affordable transportation that also reduces the carbon footprint of Moorhead.

  • Moorhead has addressed the issues presented by flooding in the city for now, and yet we still have work that can be done to protect areas downstream. We must recognize the increased effects that changing climate will have in our area and prepare for the growing strength and frequency of major flooding. We must invest in the parts of our district that are not yet protected, as well as in future prevention through the use of responsible innovations.

  • As a part of the Red River watershed, we have a responsibility to establish practices that are responsible in protecting our water sources in the Red River as well as the Moorhead and Buffalo aquifers.

  • Agriculture is truly the backbone of Minnesota. The current situation for many farmers is dire and we must support them. One way to support farmers is by creating a system where farmers can take educated risks without fear of losing everything. The Forever Green initiative through the University of Minnesota presents the possibility of a practical cover crop that is economically and environmentally beneficial. I believe that this program is the beginning of a hopeful future in Minnesota’s farm economy.

Will Hagen for State House


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